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Name:Dale Christensen
Location:Templeton Ca.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:With D229 smilingtigers 69/70
Visit Date:7/10/2010
Name:Gil Ouellette
Location:Norwood, Mass.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I served with B Troop 1/9 Cav Sept. 1966 to Sept. 1967 with the "red" team. Nice site.
Visit Date:6/30/2010
Name:ron owens
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Change contact number to 636-332-3489 only. No other numbers.
Visit Date:6/20/2010
Name:Randall Burley
Location:Western NY State
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Served with A Trp, 1/9 in TayNinh, HHB DivArty in PhucVinh and finished in D 1/9 in PhucVinh, all in July-69-July-70.
Visit Date:6/20/2010
Name:Nando Lira
Location:Topeka, Kansas
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was on the Darby when it landed in Qui Nhon,then convoyed into An Khe. I would like to hear from anyone who might have also been a part of the convoy. I can be reached at (785)478-4216 or (785)845-5681.
Visit Date:6/19/2010
Name:Lach Brown
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Was "officially" in F Trp. for 5 days prior to Deros (I wanted the white stetsons turned up in the front like Corprel Agar in the TV series :-). Room mate of John "Bloodly" Bartlett at Cobra Transition if any body needs any more stories about John. Great site. Smiling Tiger 33 D/229th RVN Dau Tieng, Qhon Loi, Bear Cat
Visit Date:6/18/2010
Name:George DeWitt
Location:Council Bluffs, IowaServed
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Served with A troop in 70-71.
Visit Date:6/10/2010
Name:Plint Hickman
Location:Kabul, Afghanistan
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Proud to have served with the boldest cavalrymen the world has or will ever see. HHT 1/9 11/1967-11/1968 A/TRP 1/9 07/1969- 07/1970 A/7/17th 11/1971-09 1972 ETT Afghanistan Jan 2007 - Jan 2008 LTC Plint Hickman U.S. Army (Ret)
Visit Date:6/8/2010
Name:John Gulden
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Served with Bravo Troop July 69-Nov. 70. Red Platoon and Blues. Looking for David M Jones/Crew Chief Blue Lift and Thomas Polly. If anyone has any information on these two please contact me at 714-779-0490. I will be at the 10/10 reunion.
Visit Date:6/7/2010
Name:gene ficker
Location:Lorena TX.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:just to see who is new 6-3-10
Visit Date:6/4/2010
Name:Don Gresham
Location:Newport, OR
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was a crew chief with c troop scouts during my last tour 1970-1971 We were at Tay Nihn when I was wounded and evaced out in Feb. 1971- I was later med. Ret.
Visit Date:6/2/2010
Name:Bill Frazer
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I'm currently working with the First Cav Association to set up the 1st Cav Motorcycle Club. They've shown a real interest in putting this together, which is great since I don't have time to organize it and they have excellent resources. Please go to their website and sign the Guest Book stating your interest. Mention "1st Cav Motorcycle Club" in the subject line. Look forward to riding with you in the future.
Visit Date:5/24/2010
Name:Jerry L. Jenkins, 1Sgt (Ret.)
Location:Burns, Tn
Website:Not Provided
Comments:E-6 Plt.Sgt. C Trp. 1/9 (scouts)66-68 I flew with Cpt. Felton and 1st Lt. Johnson in a Bell OH-13. I had a spider monkey named Sarge. I was shot Jan. 2, 1968 on the coast of Bong Son.
Visit Date:5/21/2010
Name:Herman Green
Location:Amarillo, Texas
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Great Site, I was in A Troop 1/9 65-66 I was also at Ft Bennning with 11th Air Assault Unit.
Visit Date:5/20/2010
Location:San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula)
Comments:D-Troop 1/9th White Platoon 34 Bong Song Plains and the Fish hook regions of the Central Highlands. In country Feb. 1967 - Feb. 1968 I am thankful and grateful that this was the worse and the best times of my life! I am glad to be alive and still able to understand what war is all about. Cliff Keith, May 10, 2010
Visit Date:5/10/2010
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