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Name:gene ficker
Location:Lorena TX
Website:Not Provided
Comments:just looking who is new happy T day
Visit Date:11/27/2011
Name:Thaddeus Cronen
Location:Louisville Ky. 40214
Website:Not Provided
Comments:My dad was the CO for 1/9 A Troop for 3 months in 66 "Apache 6" John Nielsen, Larry Wright and Jim Schlottman whom was a forward artillery observer. Whould love to ear from anyone that remembers my dad. Thanks From the son of one of your own, Thaddeus Cronen P.S. I have a June 1966 A troop Roster
Visit Date:11/13/2011
Name:Mike Walsh
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I met John Peeled today, real nice guy. I have no affiliation with the BWS, found it by accident. Just a note to say thanks for those who served and those who are still serving. I did 9 in Navy Intel and have great respect for you bold and daring front liners. My nephew has just started Army flight school and loves it. Thanks!
Visit Date:11/7/2011
Name:johnny smith
Location:nome, texas
Website:Not Provided
Comments:i was in song be in 70 and 71 as an gun mechanic
Visit Date:10/25/2011
Name:Paul Hart
Location:Tucson, AZ
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Enjoy checking in from time to time. For anyone interested, Vietnam magazine has a feature story about Charlie Troops actions in the Song Re Valley, Aug. 67. The Dec. 2011 issue is currently available in major bookstores and newsstands and is published by the Weider History Group, VA.
Visit Date:10/22/2011
Name:David Michael Fluger
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I am going to a wedding tomorrow with two of the daughters of SP4 David Michael Fluger who is has passed. He served with D Troop, 1st SQN, 9th Cav from Sept 1964- Dec 1965. They have no idea what their father did in Vietnam. One daughter has the First Cav. Patch tattooed to her upper shoulder. Does anyone remember SP4 Fluger? If so write me. Thanks John Coulter USA (ret)
Visit Date:10/8/2011
Name:Dick Chilton
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was one of the original pilots assigned to B Trp 3/17 in Sep 1963. Rotated to Vietnam when we became B Trp 1/9 where I served one year- Aug 1965 to Aug 1966. Have applied for membership hoping to make more contacts
Visit Date:9/26/2011
Name:Bruce Fritz
Location:Elizabethtown KY
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Seeking information from anyone who may have served with Capt Edward Fritz, 1st cav,65-66, and an engagement that happened on or about Feb 13, 1966. Recently lost his battle with cancer. First Team Always! Thanks to all who served.
Visit Date:8/20/2011
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I WAS IN E TROOP IN 1970
Visit Date:8/20/2011
Name:John Palmateer
Location:Athens, N.Y.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Looking for info. on 2/9 Air Cav.I served whith this unit back in 76 at Hunter Army Airfield, MgrBill Malden was the CO we allso wore the same ins. Just woundering if the 2nd sqoudren was disoleved or what happen to it cant seem to get info. thank you! Class Cav!!!
Visit Date:8/3/2011
Name:Bill Carpenter
Location:Fairmont, WV
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I put the newsletter together for the LRRP/Rangers. Another LRRP and I were recalling Historical Occurrences last night. He told two stories about LRRP/1-9 incidences that need filling out. One was about a pilot nicknamed "Cowboy". Young, cowboy boots and hat, with a sawed off double barreled shot gun. The LRRPs like what he could, and would, do with a chopper. The second story is about an insertion into a hot LZ. The LRRP TL told the pilot to abort. The pilot didn't, so as the TL went out the door, he pulled the door gunner with him. Then told the pilot that if he wanted the door gunner back, to come and get him, and the LRRP team of course. Anyone want to add anything to either of these stories? Contact me.
Visit Date:7/25/2011
Name:Ron Livingston
Location:Albuquerque, NM
Website:Not Provided
Comments:There is a mistake in your Fiddler's Green area. Koon and Harker did not die together. Koon and Donicks were in the Cobra and Harker was killed in a seperate accident.
Visit Date:7/24/2011
Location:Alma, GA
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Trying to find pictures and/or info on Norman "shorty" taylor. He was killed in vietnam 2/15/70 and was with D Troop, 1st Squad, 9th Cav Both of his grandsons are in the Army now (my sons) We have no contact with the family and they want to know anything about him. Any help would be appreciated. I don't know where to begin.
Visit Date:7/16/2011
Name:Steve Acton
Location:McCutchenville OH
Comments:Thanks, we were at Ft. Hood for our daughters homecoming from Afghanistan (she is with 1-4 ARB). Thought I would check out some info for my wife's Uncle Daryle Reuhle who is a Retired AF Col and flew B-52's during Vietnam. His brother Medard is remembered well in the small village of McCutchenville, Ohio. His picture is in the community center and a ball field is named after him. His brother makes sure of the scholarship every year at Ohio State. Daryl does not use the computer to much so I was just trying to get pictures of orders or anything with his name for Daryle or any pictures. I got pictures of the order of battle monument at the Museum for him. I was hoping they had something in storage. No help there. Yes any help would be appreciated and when we get back home Sunday I will let Daryle know what is going on. Will be busy tomorrow at our daughters promotion to Captain and then on the road Saturday to Ohio.
Visit Date:6/30/2011
Name:John Brennan
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Gentlemen of 1/9 Cav, My name is John Brennan, and I am the author of, "U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam" book from Hellgate Press. The listed price is $31.95, however, you may obtain a signed copy for $29.95, shipping included, by sending a check or money order to: John Brennan, 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580 P.S. Listed in the book are 125 copter names credited to 1/9 Cav P.P.S You are welcome to preview the first 20 pages by accessing the publisher's website at and clicking on the .pdf hyperlink
Visit Date:6/25/2011
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